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Saturday, July 12, 2008

This image depicts an ancient myth that is found in several cultures throughout the world. The myth describes the creation of the universe and tells of an eternal struggle between angels and demons. In the myth the demons and the angels are engaged in an epic contest of tug-of-war. Each side gripping the opposite end of the great cosmic snake. As the two sides struggle, pulling back and forth on the snake, primordial cosmic matter is churned up creating all that is in the universe, planets, stars, nebulae etc. These two warring sides basically act like a great cosmic butter churn, creating our physical universe from unorganized matter.

The doctrine of God creating the universe from unorganized matter was held by the earliest Christians. Unfortunately this truth was later discarded in favor of the theory of creation "ex nihilo"or creation out of nothing. This idea was incorporated into christian thinking by later church leaders because it squared better with the incorrect views of the neo-platonists, who maintained that physical matter was evil and anathema to the Divine.

I did the demon first, cause I like bat wings, they are fun to draw, plus I wanted to paint in red today. I think will do the angels next.